2. Video shoot yesterday

  3. New vid out soon shorty


  4. Anonymous asked: What if you are 'god'

    Then I’d have to start believing in myself.


  5. bowlspit asked: What if "God" was real?

    What if people didn’t ask hypothetical questions?

  6. slyguild:

    Louie Knuxx


  7. New song off BK Beats and Black Noi$e album NONBELIEVERS.

    Go cop the whole thing here http://crashsymbols.bandcamp.com/album/nonbelievers


  8. Anonymous asked: Why do you hate the beach?

    My feelings towards the beach have changed since being back in NZ, very pro-beach now.


  9. Love what my friends did on this song.


  10. Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on religion, fully?

    Someone’s right to practice religion is equal to my right to believe it to be silly.


  11. poocomesfromfood asked: Hope to hear more beats like the one on 'They Call Me'. that was tight as fuck. well the whole DDFF album was a banger!

    Thanks bro, the new shit is a bit different sonically but far far superior to any previous material I have released.


  12. pickaxetoyouranus asked: You gonna be doing more stuff with jj peters?

    Would never say no, we both concentrating on our individual pursuits at the moment though.


  13. bowlspit asked: What does PGT/GRR mean, exactly?

    Progressive Gangsta Thug Slash Gentleman Romance Rap, will make more sense when people hear this album. Somewhat describes the contradictory aspects of my personality that manifest in my music.


  14. Anonymous asked: Do you still work at hype??

    Naw Im done with that, move back to Auckland next wednesday.Holla if  you wanna hire me.


  15. Anonymous asked: What kind of flower do you have on your right hand?

    A peony, was a bday present from a good friend way back in the day.