2. curbface said: Could i get a link to your tour schedule?

    Next two tours are going to be nz, then aus, then nz and oz again then europe so that should take me up till about march or april. Dont have dates yet.

  4. undertheradarnz:

    @Peace Announce Nationwide Tour + New Single
    After stirring up a big barrel of controversy last week by dropping their political single Kill The PM, hip hop group @peace are announcing a nationwide tour and simultaneously unveiling new single Where I Come From. The … read more: http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/news/8674/Peace-Announce-Nationwide-Tour—New-Single.utr


  5. younggiftedandbroke:

    New @ peace. A song about a place. 


    tickets available at 

    pre-order vinyl at 

    Download track at 


  8. "Touch my heart with your tits"
    — Louie Knuxx (via fragilee-figuress)

  9. sofreshandsonew said: I can't believe you have tumblr! I'm from npc too! I love your music, hope you keep it up & i'll keep listening day to day. Mad respect♡

    thank you so much


  10. pickaxetoyouranus said: Sick show tonight man, great chilling with you. Can't wait for the next time! Keep well.

    thank you bro had a great time!

  11. (Source: ivandementia)

  12. fckyh:

    Louie Knuxx - Sex & Drugs


  13. velvet-underworld said: I fucking love you.

    thanks lady x


  15. Anonymous said: You've been my favourite rapper for a pretty long time now, first heard of you through DN, then heard a bunch of other sick NZ rappers through you. You are the fucking man! Thanks for consistently putting out such great music, rad lyrics and good flow.

    Hey thank you very much, heaps of talented people out here huh I love it.